Telephone Boxes portraying communicationSILC has been created to provide voluntary sector counselling and psychotherapy services using CORE the opportunity to learn, share and connect with one another and pool their skills and experience for mutual benefit.

About the SILC Initiative

SILC will provide a structured programme of learning designed to assess and explore best practice to help resource improvements in service delivery across all member services.


All members will benefit greatly from each SILC membership category. Associate and Beneficent Members will share access to a wide range of resources, have considerable opportunities for networking with other members and enjoy structured learning from external experts. Full Collaborative Members will be selected to take part in a unique and innovative pilot project for improving service provision.


The SILC initiative started with membership recruitment in 2015 and culminated in the selection of a pilot group of Collaborative learners in March 2017.

During the first phase of the programme, pilot group sites will explore and share in their experiences of service quality development by focusing on 4 key areas: Data Quality, DNAs, Unplanned Endings and Improvement and Recovery. These services will act as pioneers in evolving enhanced service delivery methods and developing the outcome management skills to define a model of best practice.

Associate and Beneficent Members will be invited to take part in a series of learning modules and be provided with a platform to consult on improving service performance reporting to make them more relevant for their needs and delivery.

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