Reflecting on January 2018 Activity

As we reached the penultimate residential of SILC phase 1 it was exciting to see the data beginning to take shape. In a short space of time, our services have improved immeasurably. Although indications of progress can be captured via data and analysis, it was the stories and real-world experiences shining through. The Learning Collaborative […]

Reflecting on December 2017 Activity

Well, December was one big rush towards Christmas, the new year and the festive break! Deadlines loomed, and that task list grew and grew. And yet, despite all of this, our services didn’t show any signs of retreating or slowing down. Instead, they continued to demonstrate the utmost commitment and enthusiasm for the SILC project, […]

Reflecting on November 2017 Activity

I’ve been a bookstore’s greatest friend this last month. Perhaps it was due to the Black Friday feeling, or it could be that my bookshelf was looking a little bare, but all I can say now is that I am the proud owner of five shiny new books on improving psychotherapeutic delivery (listed below). Each […]

Reflecting on October 2017 Activity

Another quarter, another SILC residential. If you have been following our event announcements and monthly blog posts closely, you will know that we have just undertaken the 2nd of our quarterly residential meetings. And in many ways, I am happy to report, it was another resounding success. The talks were lively, the contributions brilliant – […]

Reflecting on September 2017 Activity

So September has come and gone. Already, we’re seeing Christmas items in the shops and the winter coat is looking more and more inviting. July and August are usually the months of the year that everyone is seemingly off and taking their much-deserved holidays. In contrast, September, for me at least, seems to have a […]

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