It’s been a while since I’ve visited this blog. In the meantime, there has been a lot happening. We had a successful final residential at the start of May and are now preparing for the next stages, all starting this September. Behind the scenes, we have been planning our task lists and timelines which will all be shared via this site. As I have said many times before, watch this space.

The final residential really brought a year’s worth of learning together. Services were asked to focus on a key theme of Data Quality, DNAs/Cancellations, Unplanned Endings and Recovery and Improvement. Their hard work and engagement with the data and putting a narrative to numbers, made for a truly inspirational and insightful talk. Already, services are working with us regarding the implications of findings and how these could be used to inform service quality development. Again, this project and methodology further support the value of feedback informed service development.

Moving forward, we at SILC are aiming to condense ours and our service’s learning to contribute to a pilot diploma programme for service managers and their practitioners. Services which are successful in their application will receive a comprehensive and relevant learning package, as well as the opportunity to engage and share in learning with and hearing from others. The methodology has demonstrable utility as evidenced by this past year’s success. Baseline analysis and outcomes to date will be finalised and shared soon.

We hope to share this analysis and the service manager’s experience first at an upcoming conference, set for September in Birmingham. The aims of the day are to share the experiential learning and to explore the best ways to share and build on the learning and the resources developed. This conference will explore how to extract and understand data that services and their teams have and continue to collect. Such data analysis will become increasingly crucial as management becomes ever-more demanding for evidence to support embedded psychological therapy and counselling services across all sectors.

If you would like more information about the upcoming conference, please get in contact via this site.


-Scott Steen, SILC Research Lead

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