This webinar will be led by John Mellor-Clark, SILC Strategic Director

Image portraying Service Quality Development
Using the CORE System for Service Quality Development

CORE benchmarks comparing outcomes across services have consistently shown small levels of variance compared with other indicators, such as waiting times, assessment outcomes, DNA appointments and unplanned endings.

Typically, for mild to moderate presentations by clients attending therapy for the first time, we’d expect clinical or reliable change for around 60-75% of clients completing therapy. So what might explain service averages falling outside this range? What might lead you to have higher or lower than average profiles? And, where would you need to look in your CORE data to understand how to improve your CORE outcomes stats?

Drawing on extensive CORE benchmarking experience working with CORE user services for over 10 years, John Mellor-Clark unpacks some complex data issues and delivers a ‘back-to-basics’ webinar on using CORE data for service performance management.

The date has yet to be confirmed but if you are interested and would like to stay updated, please contact us.

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