2 chairs portraying SILC membershipWhether you are a small, medium or large organisation providing psychological therapy services to people with mental health needs you have a lot to gain and contribute by joining SILC.

We are offering four levels of membership, taking into account different organisations’ differing resources and interests. The membership structure, as outlined below, is designed to accommodate everyone. All memberships are free and offer benefits commensurate with members’ different levels of involvement and contributions.

  1. Independent Membership is open to all voluntary sector counselling and psychotherapy services using CORE forms independent of CORE IMS software.
  2. Associate Membership is open to all voluntary sector counselling and psychotherapy services currently using CORE PC.
  3. Beneficent Membership is open to all voluntary sector counselling and psychotherapy services that are using CORE PC and are willing to donate their anonymised CORE data for the creation of sector-specific benchmarks and profiles for publication.
  4. Collaborative Membership is by invitation only. Invites will be sent to Beneficent Members that:

– have been using CORE PC for two or more years

– have a database of 500+ clients and

– opt-in to engage in more depth with the learning collaborative through a service readiness assessment.

Joining SILC is a simple two-step process:

  1. Decide whether you want to join initially as an Independent Member, Associate Member or Beneficent Member.
  2. Complete a brief application form.


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