Well, December was one big rush towards Christmas, the new year and the festive break! Deadlines loomed, and that task list grew and grew. And yet, despite all of this, our services didn’t show any signs of retreating or slowing down. Instead, they continued to demonstrate the utmost commitment and enthusiasm for the SILC project, each sharing in their experiences and new insight to advance the process further.

During this month, we undertook the first of our monthly mentor meetings with our newly recruited services. It was fascinating to hear all about the unique experiences and stories at each service and how they were readying themselves for becoming a fully committed SILC member. What was perhaps even more intriguing was discovering that many of the challenges faced by these services were in fact common to all participating members. This can only demonstrate the promise of investigating these phenomena further. Themes common to all will quickly help us to identify and formulate effective strategies to lessen the impact of these challenges. The combination of on-the-ground learning and an evidence-based approach is producing innovative resources that have the potential to benefit the sector as a whole.

Focusing on the theme of unplanned endings, the SILC team continued to work with services to develop useful monitoring tools for those at-risk of prematurely terminating their therapy. The output for this month has been the development of a dashboard which quickly summarises vast amounts of information and presents risk-factors both graphically and in a colour-coded format. The tool can be accessed with ease and patterns identified instantly. Once refined we plan to roll this resource out to services to help monitor and manage their unplanned endings. Improved engagement will support the theme of the upcoming and final quarter, improving rates of reliable and/or clinical improvement.

And finally, as 2018 draws in we will be moving to the next stage of the SILC project and the recruitment of cohort 2. The precise methodology for this is still being refined but it promises to be an exciting venture and a natural progression. If you are a service representative interested in becoming part of SILC, please get in contact. In any case, keep revisiting this blog with more updates about the upcoming developments and be sure to send us your feedback.


-Scott Steen, SILC Research Lead

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