As we reached the penultimate residential of SILC phase 1 it was exciting to see the data beginning to take shape. In a short space of time, our services have improved immeasurably. Although indications of progress can be captured via data and analysis, it was the stories and real-world experiences shining through. The Learning Collaborative in SILC really took centre stage this time. It certainly demonstrates that the final residential in May will be an exciting opportunity for all.

The content of the residential included topics such as, Has data quality improved quarter-to-quarter, Revisiting DNAs/Cancellations, the central theme of quarter 3, Unplanned endings, and finally Therapist effects. These presentations can be accessed via our SILC members section on the website. We attempted to capture the ensuing and stimulating discussion which provided key insights, context and further inquiry as to what the data was showing. This lively debate influenced the focus of what is to become our final residential, the individual story.

It was in the analysis of the collective that we soon realised we lost the individual story. We proposed that our project team work directly with services to understand their data and ultimately be able to present a narrative about their successes and importantly, their challenges. The process of complementing the array of data with unique and rich narratives is proving powerful and will form the basis for creating resources for service development. Service managers each volunteered their participation in one of our key quarterly themes, creating the opportunity for a more focused and in-depth analysis and understanding.

Of course, we do not want to deprive you, the reader, an opportunity to hear about these stories first-hand. That is why we are in the process of organising a national conference, the details of which are still being formulated, but is likely to take part later in the year. The event will provide a platform for the learning experiences of SILC phase 1 to be shared and our services will be central to this, giving them a true voice throughout this journey.


-Scott Steen, SILC Research Lead

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