So September has come and gone. Already, we’re seeing Christmas items in the shops and the winter coat is looking more and more inviting. July and August are usually the months of the year that everyone is seemingly off and taking their much-deserved holidays. In contrast, September, for me at least, seems to have a kind of Sunday evening, Monday morning feel about it. For anyone in the education sector, it’s the start of another year. For us at SILC, its another great month of data analysis, interacting with services and taking stock.

This last month has had us consulting with the SILC sites about the recording of DNAs/Cancellations, including what factors are important in the monitoring and profiling of clients and service delivery model. There have been a fair few surprises raised regarding the extent of sessions which remain unattended, with a greater proportion than originally envisioned for some services. This resonates with the limited research that is available which reports that in the area of mental health, session non-attendance is double that of any other healthcare speciality. We are closely analysing the data for any patterns/trends that could reveal to us and the services when a session is most likely to be non-attended. This represents a unique opportunity for us to formulate and implement solutions that will ultimately improve the client experience and engagement.

Another development over the last month has seen the introduction of a co-mentoring session. Whereas previously the SILC team would coach a service individually, we are now set-up to offer support and guidance in a more comprehensive and coordinated process. Complementing this, we are beginning to generate a series of resources and materials that will be implemented and trialled to help boost service quality improvement in a more digestible and systematic format. We will be using these experiences and materials to benefit current and prospective services engaged in the SILC network. As the network begins to grow, these resources will become more refined and specialised in service-specific areas. The upcoming stages of this project are expected to be extremely interesting.

Data quality monitoring continues to go ahead using the monthly audits as a helpful resource tool. Based on these tools, evidence suggests that standards are consistently being maintained to a high level. The points to address are becoming less and less as the procedures within services become ever more standardised and streamlined. We are told that practitioners take pride in their data quality believing that it will be put to good use. We hope to capture some of their experiences in rich, in-depth and meaningful case studies which will be used to complement and narrate the project throughout.

Watch this space.


-Scott Steen, SILC Research Lead

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