It’s our intention that our resources will grow and evolve with the collaborative. The following resources have been specifically chosen to assist your service improvement efforts in the use of CORE data. They include information on service quality improvement, metrics and CORE PC and CORE Net to guide improvement. Further resources in development aim to focus on a range of service delivery aspects that help define best practice. Some of these resources are accessible to all, while access to others will be according to membership type, i.e. whether you are an Associate, Beneficent, Collaborative or Independent Member.

Service Quality Improvement

Our service quality improvement webinars are aimed at helping you to improve service delivery and client outcomes. Forthcoming resources will include a briefing on the Institute for Health Improvement’s Model for Improvement, which forms the basis of the SILC programme approach, as well as background fact sheets on setting aims, improvement and outcome metrics, and selecting and testing changes. The date for this has yet to be set but if you would like to express your interest in being a part of this the please contact us to stay updated.

Help with CORE Data

We will be hosting a series of CORE data online ‘drop in’ sessions that will be helpful for services who lack the confidence in using CORE data or are interested in finding ways to help maximise the benefits of its powerful range of clinical and management reporting functions.

Our SILC CORE data resources will also include FAQs. If you have any questions of your own about using CORE PC or CORE Net or any questions about using data to improve service quality in general, then please get in contact using this following link to contact us.

SILC Benchmarks

A CORE benchmarking system that SILC members can use to explore their service’s performance has been compiled by SILC in collaboration with CORE IMS. A national database providing sector-specific CORE benchmarking for voluntary sector psychological therapy services is currently in development and will support the field by generating a comprehensive evidence-base that can be used to inform delivery, commissioning and future policy.

Members’ Resources

Members’ resources are available to SILC members only, and will evolve over time as the SILC programme gets underway. They will include CORE PC reporting tools, CORE skills topics, e-learning packages, measurement skills videos, and a cache of research and service improvement specific publications.

Useful Links

The above resource provides links to websites of organisations that provide information relevant to voluntary sector counselling and psychotherapy services, and service quality development.

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