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A national database providing sector-specific CORE benchmarking for voluntary sector psychological therapy services is currently in development and will support the field by generating a comprehensive evidence-base that can be used to inform delivery, commissioning and future policy.

This national database will be used to develop and evolve comparative service quality indicators (benchmarks), which will enable voluntary sector services to explore their own service performance and compare with the performance of other, similar services.

To address the current lack of benchmarks for the voluntary sector, SILC in collaboration with CORE IMS have compiled a summary of CORE System Benchmarks as a resource for SILC members to use while the new voluntary sector national database is under development.

Your service will be able to rank their service performance profile relative to our CORE benchmark resources in two ways. First, you will be able to rate your service relative to the sector averages for each of the three sectors profiled (i.e. NHS primary care, higher education and employment assistance providers). Second, you will be able to rank your service’s performance profile relative to the quartile range for each of the three sectors.

To find out how you can benefit or contribute then please get in contact. Your involvement will greatly enhance the field and ensure that the voluntary sector gains ground empirically, helping to sustain their much needed and valued role.

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