SILC Residential #2

We will be inviting a new cohort to join the SILC network and begin work on improving their data quality. For those in the initial cohort, this will be their second residential and the content will be focusing on DNAs and Unplanned Endings. The event will start with reflecting on managing DNAs over the past […]

Reflecting on September 2017 Activity

So September has come and gone. Already, we’re seeing Christmas items in the shops and the winter coat is looking more and more inviting. July and August are usually the months of the year that everyone is seemingly off and taking their much-deserved holidays. In contrast, September, for me at least, seems to have a […]

Reflecting on August 2017 Activity

August kicked off with the first of our quarterly residential meetings, focusing initially on data quality and then on session non-attendance (DNAs and Cancellations). We combined what we know from the existing literature about outcome measurement and data quality with the everyday experience of the service representatives in attendance. For DNAs, we were able to generate a […]

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